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Recloser Battery for Cooper VXE Electronic Reclosers 3/BR-2/3A-WC

$ 39.00
Energy+ Part:  3/BR-2/3A-WC
Brand:  ENERGY+
Type:  Lithium
Voltage:  9.0
Capacity:  1200 mAh
Color:  Black Heat Shrink
Size:  0.67" dia. x 3.99" tall
Contacts:  Wire Leads Connector
Warranty:  DOA


This is a 3 cell lithium battery specifically designed for Cooper (McGraw Edison) VXE, VXE15, VXE27 electronic controlled single phase reclosers and Cooper (McGraw Edison) KZXEC7 solid state reclosers.

Low self discharge rate gives this cell a 10 year shelf life.

Stable voltage and broad temperature range (-40° to +85°C).

High energy, high reliability 3.0 volt power source is an excellent choice for memory backup applications.