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DR35AAS Replacement Battery Pack for ACER AcerNote 350, 350C, 350P, 350PC

$ 119.00

23.20040.051, 90-AA202-001, 90.AA202.001, 91.47028.010, 9813495-0001, DR-35, DR-35AA, DR-35S, DR35, DR35AA, DR35S, M2636-60500, NI1030, NI1030UR, SMP-35S, SMP35SIntelligent Battery Pack With Fuel Gauge

This is a 9 cell NiMH rechargeable battery designed to work in a variety of applications including Acer, Texas Instruments, Twinhead series laptop notebook computers.

This battery ships fully charged, tested and ready to work

Brand:  ENERGY+
Type:  NiMH
Voltage:  10.8
Capacity:  4000 mAh
Color:  Dark Grey
Size:  8.40" x 2.00" x 0.68"
Contacts:  5 Position Connector

12 Months