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CVC8S - Voltage Checker for Li-PO, Li-ION, Li-FE batteries with warning alarm

$ 9.95

CVC8S: Cell Voltage Checker for Li-ION, Li-PO, Li-Fe, Li-Mn batteries (1 thru 8 cells in series). Plugs into balance connector. Displays total pack Voltage and individual cell voltages. Has built-in adjustable low-V beep alarm.


-When the cell voltage is below the set value, the buzzer will sound along with red LED light, default value 3.3V

-Alarm set value range: OFF-2.7V-3.8V

-Programmable voltage threshold

-Protects aircraft from unwanted landings and batteries from over-discharging

-Ideal for all electric vehicles, boats, and aircraft using LiPo batteries

-Protects drivers from over-discharging LiPo's when using an ESC that doesn't have Low Voltage Cutoff

-Monitors a batteries low voltage down to the cell level

-Unit checks and displays the cell count, voltage of the overall pack and then each cell individually up to 8S

-Compatible with JST-XH type balance connectors

-Large, digital LED display

-High pitched low voltage warning buzzer

-Compatible with 1-8s Lipo/Li-ion/LiMn/Li-Fe

-Voltage detection precision to 0.01V

-Cell voltage display range: 0.5V-4.5V

-Pack voltage display range: 0.5V-36V

-Low voltage alarm mode for 2-8S