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BP-696i : 7.2v 4000mAh NiMH replacement Insert - goes inside GPSMAP 696 Battery.

$ 69.95

BP-696i : 7.2 volt 4000mAh Ni-MH rechargeable replacement insert for the GARMIN GPSMAP 696 and 596 battery. This BP-696i goes inside the plastic battery housing # 011-01787-00.  Some disassembly & soldering is required to install the insert. Insert dimensions: 2.5" tall, 4" across, 0.67" thick. 

This BP-696i insert product is for re-sellers, or for end-users who wish to rebuild their 011-01787-00 battery pack(s), and are sufficiently knowledgeable and able to do such a task.
If you would prefer that We do the rebuild, we do offer this service. Total is $ 99.95 for parts & labor, plus return shipping $ 8.75.  To pre-order this, type "BP-696" in the search box, and select "BP-696 rebuild service". You would also need to send us your battery; we then will rebuild it & ship it back to you.