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BP-210N : ICOM 7.2 volt 1650mAh battery

Original price $ 89.00
Current price $ 39.95

BP-210N: ICOM 7.2 volt 1650mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery

For radios such as IC-A24, IC-A6, IC-V8, IC-V82, IC-F4GS, IC-F3GS, IC-F40GS, IC-F30GS.

Replaces BP-222, BP-209, BP-210, BP-210N, BP-211N etc.

Includes heavy-duty spring-loaded belt clip. Recharges with BC-110AR (wall charger) CP-11L (DC charge & power cord), EMS-210 (desktop Rapid charger) etc.

Pricing is for 1 battery pack. (Picture shows the box and the two sides of the battery).