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BC-110AR : Wall Charger for ICOM radios

$ 19.95

BC-110AR : Wall charger for ICOM radios.  Plugs into 100-240VAC wall outlet; output is 12VDC @ 200mA.  Replaces OEM wall chargers such as BC-110, BC-110A, BC-110AR, WC-AIC, CM-16U, BM-112U, BC-74A, and others.  Radio plug is 3.5mm outside diameter, 1.35mm inside, center POSITIVE.  Plugs into Radio (if battery has a regulated 12VDC jack) for slow-charging.  Fits ICOM IC-A4, IC-A5, IC-A6, IC-A23, IC-A24, IC-A25N, IC-A25C, ID-52A, ID-52E, ID-51A, ID-31A, IC-80AD, IC-91AD, IC-T90, IC-92AD, IC-W32A, IC-Z1A, IC-T8, IC-T81, IC-T7H, IC-T7A, IC-T7E, IC-T2H, IC-R1 & many, many more!  Also plugs into ICOM-style batteries such as CM-166, CM-7, BP-7, BP-8, CM-8, CM-5A. Also for ICOM IC-A23, IC-A5, IC-A4, A4 Sport Aviation radios, IC-A24, IC-A6.
This wall charger can be used worldwide. You will only need a Prong Adapter to use internationally.