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BP-1280 Portable Power Pack

$ 89.00

BP-1280 : 12 volt Portable Power Pack - for 12 volt DC power on the go !  The BP-1280 pkg includes a 12VDC socket, which accepts any power cord designed to plug into a DC socket.  This package includes: (1) 12 volt 8Ah sealed lead rechargeable battery; (2) padded carrying case; (3) DC socket; (4) plug-in Smart Charger; (5) Heavy-duty Belt.  Includes built-in fuse protection.  Smart Charger re-charges the Sealed Lead battery from a wall outlet, and shuts off automatically when the battery is full.  Padded case & battery measures approx. 6.5" across, 3" thick, and 4" tall.  Weight of battery & case is approx 6 lbs.  This product is exclusively assembled in the USA by BATTERIES AMERICA