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5HR3000SCU : 6.0 volt 3000mAh Sub-C rechargeable NiMH

Original price $ 60.00
Current price $ 49.00

5HR3000SCU : 6.0 volt 3000mAh rechargeable NiMH battery for for larger scale RC.  These packs are made with supreme-quality FDK-SANYO Nickel Hydride Sub-C cells.  Choose pack Shape, and choose Connector (or just Wire Leads without connector).  Cells are Sub-C size.  Each cell is approx. 1.75" tall x 0.88" diameter.  Flat pack dimensions: approx. 4.5" long, 1.75" tall, 0.9" thick.  Available connectors to choose: (1) Futaba J; (2) SPEkTRUM-JR-HiTEC; (3) original AIRTRONICS. Connectors are $ 3.00 extra.
Available Shapes to choose: Flat (side by side); Offset/Hump.
Add extra set of Charging Leads with EC3 connector (16AWG, 5" wire length) for $5.00.
These battery packs are made in the USA by BATTERIES AMERICA.