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YT-0006S : Intelligent Charger/Analyzer for rechargeable batteries

$ 79.95

YT-0006S: Universal Programmable Smart Charger & Conditioner for Li-Fe, Li-PO, LI-ION, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, SLA(Pb) batteries. Includes AC-DC power supply for worldwide use, and assortment of adapters. 

The YT-0006S is a new super Smart Charger/Conditioner system for virtually ALL your rechargeable batteries !!  Fully programmable, it smart-charges Li-POLY (3.7v - 21.2 volts / 1 - 6 cells in series), Li-ION (same), Li-FE 1 - 6 cells in series, Nickel Cadmium (1 - 15 cells in series), Nickel Hydride (1 - 15 cells in series), Sealed Lead Acid (2v, 4v, 6v, 8v,10v, & 12v). System is all digital; YOU set the parameters, such as battery Chemistry, Charging rate, Discharge current, battery pack Voltage, safety Time-Out, Balance Charge or Series Charge for Li-PO & Li-ION, battery Capacity Limit Control, Low Voltage Protect, and more ! Includes plug-in-wall TX Power Supply AND DC Power wire connectors; has built-in reverse polarity protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, low-V power protection. Includes full Instruction Manual. Includes worldwide AC-DC Wall Power Supply and DC power cable (for attaching to a 12V battery). Charges safely and thoroughly. The BEST Portable, Compact, Professional ALL-IN-ONE charger, and value-priced !!