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West Mountain Radio PWRgate PG40 Simple backup 12 volt power system

$ 50.00

The West Mountain Radio PWRgate PG40 is a key element for a simple 12 volt backup system. It can direct the supply of up to 40 amperes continuous current from either a power supply or a battery to your equipment. The PWRgate is very useful in a ham shack, at repeaters and for emergency communications equipment centers. Your connected equipment will instantly switch to battery during AC power blackouts or power supply failures.

The PWRgate uses two 80 ampere Schottky diodes connected as an OR-Gate to isolate the battery and power supply from each other. These Schottky diodes have a forward voltage drop of only 0.4 volt maximum thereby dissipating only 16 watts at 40 amperes. The PWRgate has a built-in mini-charger circuit made up of a resistor and diode that will provide up to 1 ampere to keep the battery fully charged. 1.65 x 4 x 5 inches. The PG40 has 45A Anderson Powerpole® connections for:  PS [power supply], OUT [output] and BATT [battery].