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WC-72 : Wall Charger for Yaesu & Vertex batteries

$ 24.95

WC-72 : Wall charger for FNB-72 and FNB-85 series battery packs. Plugs into 110-120VAC wall outlet, other end plugs directly onto the connector of your SBR-32MH, FNB-85, FNB-72, FNB-72xe, FNB-72xh, FNB-72xx, FNB-72exx type batteries (NiCd & NiMH, all capacities). Charges battery pack at 200mA/hour. Charging time varies with battery capacity (8-16 hours typically). Monitor battery while charging, and UNPLUG after estimated full-charging time.

This wall charger plugs into the battery pack. Then, the battery pack goes inside the FT-817 or FT-818 radio.