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WC-48-51 : Wall Charger for ALINCO radios

$ 19.95
WC-48-51 : Plug-in Wall Charger for Alinco HT radios.  Fits the DJ-190, DJ-191, DJ-193, DJ-195, DJ-196, DJ-296, DJ-493, DJ-496, DJ-596; DJ-G5, DJ-G5TH, DJ-X10, DJ-V5, DJ-V5TH etc.  Plugs into 100-240VAC wall outlet (worldwide input).  Output is 12VDC @ 200mA, slim coax plug CTR Positive (+) which plugs right  into the DC input jack on the radio.  Charges the attached battery while the radio is turned  OFF.  The charge rate to your battery varies with radio type.  Can also provide power to run your Alinco radio in receive mode). If you are using this wall charger internationally, you only need a Prong Adapter (Transformer Voltage converter is NOT necessary)