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WC-42 : Wall Charger for Kenwood TH-F6A, TH-F7 radios

$ 19.95

WC-42 : Wall Charger for KENWOOD TH-F6A, TH-F7 radios. Plugs into radio to slow-charge the attached Battery (PB-42L, PB-42XL, PB-42LH, PB-42XM, etc). The 2 orange LEDs will light up on top of the radio, indicating charging. The radio has Smart-Charge circuitry, and terminates the charging when the battery is full. 
This WC-42 also powers the radio for receive-only operation.
New style Power Supply - can be plugged into 100-240VAC for worldwide use. You would only need a wall prong adapter for use outside of north America.