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WC-34-39 : Wall Charger for KENWOOD radios

$ 19.95

WC-34-39 : Wall Charger for Kenwood handheld radios. Plugs into 110-240VAC wall outlets (worldwide input); other end plugs into your Kenwood radio. Output is 12VDC @ 200mA. Slow-charges battery while radio is turned off. Replaces original Kenwood wall chargers, including BC-17. Fits TH-22, TH-27, TH-28A, TH-42, TH-47, TH-48A, TH-78A, TH-79A: TH-G71, TH-D7A, etc. (worldwide versions, Center Polarity POS+). Charges batteries thru the radio. Charges batteries such as PB-13, PB-13x, PB-18, PB-32, PB-32xh, PB-33, PB-34, PB-34xh, PB-39, PB-39h, PB-38.
If this wall charger is used in Europe, Asia, Australia, etc, you will only need a wall prong adapter.

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