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WC-12Y : Wall Charger for Yaesu 12v battery packs (FNB-12,FNB-27 series)

$ 19.95

WC-12Y : Wall Charger for 12-volt Yaesu battery packs such as the FNB-27, FNB-27x, FNB-27xh, FNB-27xs, FNB-11, FNB-12, FNB-12x, FNB-12xh, FNB-12xs. etc. Input: 100-240VAC.  Output: 15VDC @ 200mA. Works for both Ni-Cd and Ni-MH battery packs.  Plugs into Wall outlet; other end plugs into DC port on battery. This can be used worldwide, with the correct wall prong adapter. It has USA wall prongs built onto it.