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PM-QC3.0-PD : Panel Mount USB with QC3.0, PD, Voltmeter, & DC cables

$ 29.95

PM-QC3.0-PD : Panel Mount USB fast charger with QC3.0 port, PD port, and DC cables.  Has LED Voltmeter to monitor source voltage (Green LED). 
Input: 12-24VDC.
Output: max combined 38W
Output for QC3.0 smart port: 5VDC (3A), 9VDC (3A), 12VDC (2.5A), 15V (2A), 20V (1.5A) (power on demand).
PD port output: 5VDC - 20DVC (smart detect power on demand), up to 3A.
Enables fast-charging of devices such as smartphones, GPS, computers, tablets, PowerBanks, etc.
Has on/off button, waterproof cover, locking ring (for panel installation).
Unit can be turned on/off whether the waterproof cover is in place or not.
Made with ABS fireproof material.
Ideal for installation in car, airplane, boat, motorcycle, truck, SUV.
Includes heavy-duty DC cables with spade lugs & ring connectors (for installation to power source).
CE ROHS certified