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USB-2M-LED: USB Charging & Data Cable with Lightning connector and LED readout

$ 16.95
USB-2M-LED: USB Charging & Data Cable with Lightning connector and LED readout. Has USB2.0 (A) connector and 8-pin Lightning connector, 2 meter length. Suitable for charging iPhones, iPads, etc. Supports all iOS versions. Capable of charging at up to 2.4A. Plugs into USB wall power supply, DC USB port, Power Bank port, USB port on computer, etc.

2.4A Fast Charging Cable for iPhone & iPad.
It supports 2.4A high current output, allowing you to charge faster without waiting.

Smart Digital Power Display. LED intelligent digital display clearly shows the fast charging status. Wattage = Volts x Amps. Example: 12W readout = 2.4A charge rate.

Soft and Tangle-free. Sheathing is made of durable liquid silicone material. Has memory rebound, so no matter how you twist it, it can easily rebound, making storage more convenient, and extending service life.

Easy to Clean. You can easily remove surface stains by wiping with clean water, keeping your cable looking like new for a long time.

High speed date transfer. Up to 480Mbps Data transfer rate.

Product Parameters

Materials: Aluminum alloy + Liquid silicone sheathing

Function: Fast charging + USB2.0 transmission

Color: White

Length: 2m (about 6 feet)

Input interface: USB-A. NOTE: The output charging rate of the cable depends on the output capability of the USB Power supply. If you use a higher-amp AC-USB or DC-USB power supply, or PowerBank, you can achieve 2.4A output (the cable LED readout can show 12W). If you are using a smaller USB cube or DC-USB component, the charging output of the cable will be limited to the output of that power supply.  If the USB cube output is only 1A, the cable LED readout will typically not exceed 5W.

Output interface: iP Interface, 8-pin Lightning connector. Suitable for all iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet devices that accept the 8-pin Lightning connector.

Safety & Performance Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

The more you know! When you are charging your device, the Smart Chip in this USB cable is communicating with your iPhone or iPad, to deliver the most efficient & suitable charging current at any given time. The Wattage readout can vary, thusly. Often, as the battery approaches full charge, the charging output Wattage may lower; this is perfectly normal, and actually good for the battery.