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TX-Square9.6 : 9.6 volt Rechargeable Transmitter Battery Packs

Original price $ 39.00
Current price $ 38.00

TX-Square9.6 : 9.6 volt rechargeable Transmitter Battery Packs - SQUARE style (4" long x 1 1/8" x  1 1/8"; can stand up on a table). Choose Capacity (700mAh Ni-Cd, 1100mAh NiCd, 1650mAh Ni-MH, 2000mAh NiMH eneloop Pre-Charged, 2500mAh Ni-MH, 2700mAh Ni-MH), and choose Wire Leads or specific Connector (SPEKTRUM white, Futaba male, SPEkTRUM-JR-Hitec-Airtronics Z male, Hitec ELCO white, old-style Airtronics, JR female, JST red, etc; $3 extra). Net pricing reflects options chosen.  These battery packs are manufactured in the U.S.A. by Batteries America.

For SPEkTRUM DX7, DX6, etc. choose the SPEkTRUM 2-pin flat White connector. Replaces original # BP-A, JR-A, JR-2, JR-2S, JRPB5011, JRPB955, & more.

For an AIRTRONICS RD8000 transmitter, choose the "RD8000 Special" connector.  This connector is Polarized (+) on the outside, and (-) in the middle.

If you have AIRTRONICS RD6000 or RDS8000 transmitter, choose the old-style "Airtronics male" connector (black connector with 3 nubs). A square pack with old airtronics male connector also fits in the SR series (SR4, SR4R), the VG400, VG600 (Vanguard series), Championship series, Quasar series.

Square pack with Futaba J connector fits the following transmitters:  6DA, 6VA, 6NFK, 6YK, 7NFK, 7CAP, 8AUT, 8UHF, 8UHP, 8UI, 8UA, 8UAFS, 8NFK, NT8C, NT8iB, 8UAF, 8UAP, Futaba Super 8, Futaba 10C, Futaba 10C, Futaba 10CAG, Futaba 10CHG, Futaba 10CG, Futaba 9C, Futaba 8C, Futaba 7C, 9VAP, 9VHP, 9ZAP, 9CAF, 9CHF, 9CAP, 9CHP, 9ZAW, 9ZAWS, 9CA-PCM, 9CHF, 9CHPP, 3EGX, conquest 6, skysport 6, etc. Replaces NT8iB, NT8S700B, NT8S600B, etc.

(For the ENELOOP 9.6v transmitter batteries, type "EneloopTX9.6v" in the search box for quick access.)

The SPEkTRUM 2-pin flat White connector also replaces original battery packs JR-2, JR-2S, JR-A, JRPB5011, etc. For XP6102, X9303, XP9303, XP9103, XP8103A, XP7202, X378A, XP662, XP9503, older DX6, older DX7, DSM 11X, JR 11X, etc.

The HiTEC 2-Pin white connector replaces original battery packs # 54114, 58101, 58207, etc. Fits Optic 6, Eclipse, Flash 4 & 5, Focus 2 & 3, Laser 4 & 6, Neon-SS, Prism, Lynx.