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$ 19.50

Tadiran TL-7902/S 1/2AA Size Lithium Cell Rapid Response (TRR) Series for Applications that Require Steady Voltage During Current Pulses

3.6 V Primary lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2)

Tadiran Rapid Response (TRR) Series

Feature high capacity and high energy density and the ability to deliver moderate to high pulses with virtually no voltage or power delay, without the use of a hybrid layer capacitor, thus enabling power supplies to be smaller and lighter.

Temperature range is from -55°C to +85°C

Low self discharge rate

20+ year operating life

Bobbin construction

Hermetic glass-to-metal-sealing

Non-flammable electrolyte

Faster discharge conditions, permit quicker life time testing

Virtually no voltage or power delay

Brand:  Tadiran
Type:  Lithium
Voltage:  3.6
Capacity:  1200 mAh
Color:  Purple
Size:  0.57" diameter x 0.99" long
Contacts:  Button Type
Warranty:  DOA