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SPMB2000LITX : 7.4volt 2000mAh Li-ION battery for SPEkTRUM R/C

$ 39.95

SPMB2000LITX : SPEkTRUM brand 7.4 volt 2000mAh rechargeable 2S Li-ION R/C Radio Transmitter Battery Pack.  Fits in transmitters such as DX9, DX8, DX7S, DX6R, DX5R, and DX5 Pro. Replaces original SPMB2000LITX. You will need to re-use the foam spacer that is in the battery compartment of the transmitter. Plugs right into your transmitter.
Dimensions 36.25mm x 67.4mm x 19mm.  Continuous discharge: 2A. 14.8Wh.