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SBH-28BA : Rapid-Smart Charger for SBR-24Li Li-ION (for FT-70D FT-70DR)

$ 49.95

SBH-28BA: Desktop Rapid-Smart Charger, for SBR-24Li Li-ION battery (compatible with Yaesu FT-70, FT-70D, FT-70DR). Consists of Base charger unit, Wall Power Supply (worldwide input), and DC Power Cord for mobile use. This is an EXCLUSIVE package offered by Batteries America. Charger can accept the entire radio OR just the battery. Provides safe, smart charge, and shuts off when the battery is full. The LED indicator is orange during charging, and turns green when battery is full and ready. Typical charge time is 3 hours (empty to full).
Always monitor Li-ION batteries during charging.

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