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RCN500 : Smart Charger, single channel, for RC NiMH & Ni-Cd batteries

$ 29.95

RCN500 : RC Battery Charger for 2-10 Series NiMH/NiCd Battery Pack (2.4V-12V) RC Car/Truck/Air Gun/Drone Battery Pack Charger with JST, XH, red T Plug, JR-SPEkTRUM-HiTEC-Futaba, SM Connector. Single-channel smart charger (does 1 battery pack at a time). Charge rate: 500mA/hour. Includes adapter cable with multi-connector setup. 
Provided a Smart-Charger, with automatic shut-off when the battery is full.
Has built-in protection against reverse-polarity hookup.
Has LED charge status indicator light. Red = Charging. Blue - Done, shut off, and ready to use.
Charger program is suitable for Ni-Cd and NiMH chemistries only. It is Not intended for Li-PO, Li-ION, Li-FE types.

Batteries sold separately.