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PTM1433: 14.4 volt 2200mAh rechargeable battery for MAKITA cordless power tools. Compatible with the following model numbers: 1051D, 1051DWD, 1051DWF, 1422, 1433, 1434, 1435, 1435F, 192600-1, 192699-A, 193158-3, 4033D, 4332D, 4333D, 4333DWDE, 5094DWD, 5630DWD, 6228D, 6228DWAE, 6228DWBE, 6233D, 6233DWAE, 6233DWBE, 6236DWBE, 6236DWDE, 6237D, 6237DWDE, 6237DWDLE, 6333D, 6333DWBE, 6336D, 6336DWB, 6336DWBE, 6336DWDE, 6337D, 6337DWDE, 6337DWDLE, 6337DWFE, 6339DWDE, 6932FD, 6932FDWDE, 6935FDWDE, 6935FDWDEX, 8433D, 8433DWDE, 8433DWFE, JR140D, JR140DWB, JR140DWBE, JR140DWD, ML140 (Flashlight), ML143 (Flashlight), UB140D, UB140DWB, etc.