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PMNN4409: 7.4v 2200mAh Li-ION battery for Motorola PMNN-4409

Original price $ 80.00
Current price $ 39.95

PMNN4409: 7.4 volt 2200mAh rechargeable Long-Life Li-ION battery for MotoTRBO XPR7000, XPR7350, XPR7550, XPR7580, DP2400, APX900, APX1000, APX3000, APX4000,  . This is the non-Impres aftermarket battery version. Replaces battery models such as  PMNN4409, PMNN4409AR, PMNN4412, PMNN4448, PMNN4407, PMNN4424AR, PMNN4491, PMNN4491b batteries. Includes belt clip
This battery re-charges in Li-ION smart chargers and approved aftermarket Li-ION chargers, such as our EMS-XPR.

Recommended desktop smart charger : EMS-XPR