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PB-20K-QI : 20,000mAh Waterproof Solar Power Bank with Qi WIreless

Original price $ 90.00
Current price $ 69.95

PB-20K-Qi : Solar Power Bank  Charger, with 20000mAh internal rechargeable Li-Po battery. Charges virtually any portable device or battery via dual 5V USB2.0 outputs, and also via Wireless QI charging. It will charge smartphones, Tablets, GPS, Cameras, etc. Can re-charge up to 3 devices at the same time!

The Power Bank has 1 built-on Solar Charging Panel, and 2 other Solar Charging Panels that can be removed if desired. There is an extra magnetic sidebar which attaches to the unit when the Solar panels are detached.

The Wireless Qi function enables you to recharge a phone simply by pressing the power button and then placing your phone on top of the unit. 

Also has built in Reading Light / S.O.S. signal / Strobe light.  

The included Carabiner enables the Power Bank to be slung on a backpack, so it can accept solar energy (for recharging) during traveling or hiking.

The PB-20K-Qi Power Bank can be recharged via the 3 fold-out Solar Panels, OR via micro USB input, OR via Type C rapid charge input. Has LED power status indicator lights on side. Internal battery can be re-charged via micro-USB cable (included) in 10 hours, or with the Type C input in as little as 6 hours. Re-charging the internal battery via the Solar Panels typically takes 20-24 hours of daylight.  
Solar Power Bank size: 7" tall, 4" across, 1.25" thick. Opened up size: 7" x 11". Slim, compact, portable, lightweight; handy for instant charging power. Re-use again & again!

Package includes:
(1) Solar Power Bank
(2) USB2.0-to-micro USB charge cord
(3) Carabiner
(4) Keychain Compass
(5) Magnetic Edge

When the PB-20K-Qi is fully depleted, it should be recharged thoroughly before using again, to utilize its capabilities to their fullest.