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P-P301h : 3.6v 800mAh NiMH battery for Cordless phones P-P301 Uniden, Panasonic etc.

$ 12.95

P-P301h : 3.6 volt 800mAh rechargeable long-life Ni-MH battery w/ Black connector for Cordless Phones. Replaces Panasonic P-P301, Panasonic TYPE 2, Uniden BT-185, SW Bell BT-185, SONY BP-T14, GE BT-11, SANYO TAD-1015, and many others (see below). Includes black Uniden style connector. Re-charges with your stock phone charger cradles.
Battery pack dimensions: 1.1" tall, 1.75" across, 0.6" thick.

Compatible with the following Models / Part Numbers:
          PP301 P-P301 PP301PA P-P301PA  TYPE 2
          PQP25F301A PQXA36ASVC P-04AF-L22K/1/2
          KXA36A KX-A36A KX3805 KX-3805 KX3806 KX-3806 KX3807 KX-3807 KX3856 KX-3856 KX3865 KX-3865 KX3870 KX-3870 KX3875 KX-3875 KX412 KX-412 KX415 KX-415 KX417 KX-417 KX420 KX-420 KX422 KX-422 KX440 KX-440
          KXP372DH KX-P372DH
          KXT150 KX-T150 KXT150W KX-T150W KXT180 KX-T180 KXT180W KX-T180W KXT187 KX-T187
          KXT3080 KX-T3080 KXT3080R KX-T3080R
          KXT3610 KX-T3610 KXT3620 KX-T3620 KXT3620H KX-T3620H KXT3640 KX-T3640 KXT3690 KX-T3690 KXT3690R KX-T3690R
          KXT3702 KX-T3702 KXT3705 KX-T3705 KXT3710 KX-T3710 KXT37101 KX-T37101 KXT3710R KX-T3710R KXT3712 KX-T3712 KXT3720 KX-T3720 KXT37201 KX-T37201 KXT3725 KX-T3725 KXT3730 KX-T3730 KXT37301 KX-T37301 KXT3732 KX-T3732 KXT3748 KX-T3748
          KXT3800 KX-T3800 KXT3805 KX-T3805 KXT3807 KX-T3807 KXT3822 KX-T3822 KXT3822A KX-T3822A KXT3822B KX-T3822B KXT3823 KX-T3823 KXT3824 KX-T3824 KXT3832 KX-T3832 KXT3838 KX-T3838 KXT3842 KX-T3842 KXT3848 KX-T3848 KXT3848R KX-T3848R KXT3850 KX-T3850 KXT3850R KX-T3850R KXT3855 KX-T3855 KXT3855R KX-T3855R KXT3857 KX-T3857 KXT3860 KX-T3860 KXT3870 KX-T3870 KXT3875 KX-T3875 KXT3880 KX-T3880
          KXT3905 KX-T3905 KXT3908 KX-T3908 KXT3910 KX-T3910 KXT39101 KX-T39101 KXT39102 KX-T39102 KXT3912 KX-T3912 KXT3920 KX-T3920 KXT3925 KX-T3925 KXT3930 KX-T3930 KXT3932 KX-T3932 KXT3935 KX-T3935 KX-T3940 KX-T3945 KX-T3950 KX-T3960 KX-T3962 KX-T3965 KX-T3967 KX-T3980
          KX-T4168 KX-T4200 KX-T4200R KX-T4300 KX-T4310 KX-T4330 KX-T4340 KX-T4342 KX-T4350 KX-T4360 KX-T4365 KX-T4370 KX-T4400 KX-T4500 KX-T4550 KX-T4600
          KX-TC100 KX-TC150 KX-TC155 KX-TC160 KX-TC165 KX-TC170 KX-TC180 KX-TC185 KX-TC187 KX-TC197 KX-TC280 KX-TC282 KX-TC424
          KX-TCC106 KX-TCC116 KX-TCC425
          KX-TCM410 KX-TCM415 KX-TCM417 KX-TCM418 KX-TCM424 KX-TCM440 KX-TCM914

              BP-T14 BP-T16 BP-T22H BT-T16 CLT8800 PP57
              SPP-111 SPP205 SPP-205 SPP250 SPP-250 SPP55 SPP-55 SPP-57 SPP58 SPP-58 SPP65 SPP-65 SPP71 SPP-71 SPP72 SPP-72 SPP-72C SPP73 SPP-73 SPP-75
              SPP-A11 SPPA110 SPP-A110 SPPA20 SPP-A20 SPPA250 SPP-A250 SPPA40 SPP-A40 SPPA400 SPP-A400 SPPA450 SPP-A450 SPPA60 SPP-A60 SPPA700 SPP-A700
              SPPAQ120 SPP-AQ120 SPPAQ150 SPP-AQ150 SPPAQ25 SPP-AQ25 SPP-AQ45 SPPAQ500 SPP-AQ500 SPPAQ600 SPP-AQ600
              SPP-D15 SPPID300 SPP-ID300 SPP-ID300C SPPID400 SPP-ID400
              SPPM502 SPP-M502
              SPPQ110 SPP-Q110 SPPQ120 SPP-Q120 SPPQ150 SPP-Q150 SPPQA500
              SPP-V72C ST250

          Uniden                   BT-185 1-528-376-31, XC-315 XC-330 XC-600

            Toshiba                  T-5000 T5000, FF-675 FT-6203 TRB-6500



                    52310 52311 53304 29519A 29630A 52189A BT11 BT-11
                    GE29630A 5-2310 5-2311 5-3304 2-9519A 2-9630A 5-2189A GE-29630A

                Radio Shack:         23-281

                  Again & Again:      2102 STB124 STB-124

                    AT&T/Lucent:        4068 4905 4935 4952 5491 24027 91085 24027X

                      Battery Country:   359450 Dantona: 312AAB 3 1/2AAB

                        Empire:                  CPB-403B CPB403B

                          Energizer:              PP302 P-P302

                            Gemini:                 TA248 TA-248

                              Interstate:            ATEL0100 TEL0100

                                ITT:                      PC1510 PC-1510 PC1600 PC-1600

                                  Lenmar:              CBC316 CBC-316 GP30AAK3BMS

                                    Nomad:              24027X 4068 4905 4935 4952

                                      Northwestern Bell:    3200 38100 382001

                                              QT2000 QT-2000 QT2010 QT-2010 QT3000 QT-3000 QT3200 QT-3200 QT8200 QT-8200 QT8610 QT-8610 QTA36A QT-A36A

                                          RCA:                       29519A 29630A BT11 BT-11

                                                  23617 3N270AA MTM 3N270AA(MTM) 3N270AAMTM GESPCH02 TAD1015 TAD-1015 TAD1016 TAD-1016

                                              Sharp:                    SPPQ110 SPP-Q110 SPPQ120 SPP-Q120 SPPQ150 SPP-Q150

                                                Southwestern Bell: 
                                                      BT185 BT-185 CT301 CT-301 FT9003 FT-9003 FT9005 FT-9005 FT9006 FT-9006 FT9066 FT-9066 FT9305 FT-9305 FT9306 FT-9306 FT9506 FT-9506
                                                      RC003029 RC-003029 RC004362 RC-004362 S60508 S-60508 TRB6500 TRB-6500

                                                      TEL5000 TEL-5000 TEL5050 TEL-5050 TEL6000 TEL-6000 TEL6050 TEL-6050 TEL7000 TEL-7000