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NTN9858AR: 7.5v 2700mAh NiMH battery for Motorola radios (HT, MTX, PR, GP series)

$ 49.95

NTN9858AR : 7.5 volt 2700mAh high-capacity rechargeable Ni-MH battery for Motorola XTS2500, XTS1500, PR1500, MT1500, etc (see below). Replaces Motorola part # NTN9858 and others. Battery can be quick-charged or slow-charged in Charging units designated for NiMH batteries. Includes heavy-duty spring-loaded belt clip. Pricing is per battery.

Replace OEM P/N: 
MOTOROLA NTN9815, NTN9815A, NTN9815AR, NTN9815B, NTN9858,  NTN9858A,  NTN9858AR, NTN9858B, NTN9858C

Compatible Models: 

Motorola Portable Two-Way Radio
XTS1500, XTS2500, PR1500, MT1500 

Compatible replacement for these battery part #s: 

  • HMNN4151
  • HMNN4151AR
  • HMNN4154
  • HMNN4158
  • HMNN4159
  • HNN4001
  • HNN4003
  • HNN9008
  • HNN9008A
  • HNN9008AR
  • HNN9009
  • HNN9009A
  • HNN9009AR
  • HNN9010A
  • HNN9010AR
  • HNN9011BR
  • HNN9011R
  • HNN9012BR
  • HNN9012R
  • HNN9013
  • HNN9013A
  • HNN9013B
  • HNN9013DR
  • PMNN4045
  • PMNN4151AR
  • PMNN4157
  • PMNN4157AR
  • PMNN4158
  • PMNN4158AR
  • WPNN4045AR
  • WPNN4045R
  • NTN9858A
  • NTN9858AR
Compatible with Motorola radios:

HT Series:
HT750, HT1200, HT1225, HT1250, HT1250LS, HT1250LS Plus, HT1500, HT1550, HT1550XLS

PR Series: 
PR860, PRO5150, PRO7150, PRO9150

MTX Series:
MTX850, MTX850LS, MTX900, MTX950, MTX960, MTX8250, MTX8250LS, MTX9250

GP Series: 
GP128, GP140, GP240, GP280, GP320, GP328, GP338, GP340, GP360, GP380, GP540, GP580, GP640, GP680

Replacement for OEM#: HNN9008, HNN9008A, HNN9008AR, HNN9008H, HNN9009, HNN9012