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NTLN-7144H : 7.5v 3800mAh long-life battery for Motorola

$ 69.00

NTN-7144H : 7.5 volt 3800mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery - fits Motorola MT2000, HT1000, MTX8000 radios, etc. Includes heavy-duty spring-loaded Belt Clip. Battery can be re-charged in Slow chargers or in Fast chargers designed for Ni-MH. Provides the longest operating time for your radio. Fits Motorola radios such as MT2000, MTS2000, HT1000, MTX8000, MTX9000, GP900, GP1200, GP2010, JT1000, HT6000, MTZ2000, etc. Replaces MOTOROLA part #s such as NTN7143, NTN7143A, NTN7143B, NTN7143CR, NTN7143R, NTN7144, NTN7144A, NTN7144B, NTN7144CR, NTN-7143, NTN-7144, NNTN-7143, NNTN-7144, etc.  Re-charges in desktop fast- chargers and slow-chargers. Includes heavy-duty Belt Clip. (The battery power contacts form a "triangular" pattern). Battery is approx. 0.75" thick. Weighs about 13.5 ounces.

Pricing is for 1 battery pack. Picture shows both sides of a battery.
Fleet pricing (20 pcs or more) is available - call 1-800-308-4805 for info.

Replaces & is compatible with these radios:

  • GP900
  • GP1200
  • HT1000
  • HT6000
  • JT1000
  • MT2000
  • MT2100
  • MTS2000
  • MTS2010
  • MTS2013
  • MTX8000
  • MTX9000
  • HAT100
  • GP2010
  • GP2013
  • MTZ2000
  • PTX1200

  • Replaces & is compatible with these battery part #s:

  • NTN7143
  • NTN7143CR
  • NTN7144
  • NTN7144CR
  • NTN7143A
  • NTN7143B
  • NTN7143R
  • NTN7144A
  • NTN7144B
  • FuG11b
  • WPNN4013