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NT8LP : 9.6 volt Transmitter Battery for Futaba

$ 34.95

NT8LP : 9.6 volt Transmitter battery - Tip Clip style (9-volt snap contacts on end). This battery is inserted into the back of the transmitter. Replaces original Futaba battery part # NT-8LP, FUTM1450. Fits in transmitters such as FP-7UAPS, FP-7UAFS, Super 7, and many more.  Choose from Ni-Cd & Ni-MH Capacities (700mAh thru 2700mAh). Pricing starts at $28 for basic 700mAh capacity.
Note: Basic capacities 700Ah and 1100Ah can be charged with stock OEM wall chargers. For all higher capacities, you will need to re-charge the battery with a better (smart) charging system.  

These battery packs are manufactured in the USA by Batteries America.