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NT8LP : 9.6 volt Transmitter Battery for Futaba

$ 39.95

NT8LP : 9.6 volt Transmitter battery - Tip Clip style (9-volt snap contacts on end). This battery is inserted into the back of the transmitter. Replaces original Futaba battery part # NT-8LP, FUTM1450. Fits in transmitters such as FP-7UAPS, FP-7UAFS, Super 7, and many more.  Choose from Ni-Cd & Ni-MH Capacities (700mAh thru 2700mAh). Pricing starts at $28 for basic 700mAh capacity.
Note: Basic capacities 700Ah and 1100Ah can be charged with stock OEM wall chargers. For all higher capacities, you will need to re-charge the battery with a better (smart) charging system.  

These battery packs are manufactured in the USA by Batteries America. The capacity you select is the capacity cells that we use to manufacture the battery pack. The label will indicate the specific capacity selected, as well as charging recommendations.