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NR-4QB : 4.8 volt 700mAh AA rechargeable NiCd battery for Futaba R/C

$ 24.95

NR-4QB: 4.8 volt 700mAh rechargeable Square-style battery pack for FUTABA R/C receiver systems. This battery pack goes inside the model. Replaces NR-4QB, NR4J, NR4M, NR4QB, FUTM1280, FUTM1295 etc. Size: 2" tall, 1.3" across, 1.3" wide. Same physical size as original Futaba NR-4QB. Includes Futaba J connector.
The "700mAh" refers to running time. These will provide more operating time than the original battery ever did. You can use the same charger(s) to charge it up.
These battery packs are made in the USA by Batteries America.