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LTD2-DUO: Dual Smart Charger for Panasonic, Hitachi, VBD-070, CGA-DU07, CGA-DU21 etc.

Original price $ 49.00
Current price $ 24.95

LTD2-DUO: Dual-slot Smart Charger for Panasonic & Hitachi batteries such as VBD-070, CGA-DU07, CGA-DU21 and Many More. Charges 1 or 2 batteries at a time. See full compatibility list below.  Provides Intelligent, safe, smart charge function with automatic shut-off when battery is full. LCD screen shows charging status and battery condition. Easy to use; no buttons to push. Use at home, or on the go. 
*Input: micro USB Port, and Typc C port. Output: 8.4V 800mA(x1) 800A(x2) 
*Can be used in vehicle, if equipped with USB2.0 output port. Can also be used in a vehicle via the 12VDC socket, if a DC-to-USB adapter is used.

*When the batteries are being charged, the capacity/condition is displayed on the charger LCD screen.

1. Compatible with battery models: 

Panasonic CGA-DU06, CGR-DU06
Panasonic CGA-DU07, CGR-DU07
Panasonic CGA-DU12, CGA-DU14, CGR-DU14
Panasonic CGA-DU21, CGR-DU21
Panasonic VW-VBD210
Panasonic VDR-D210, VDR-D230, VDR-D310
Panasonic PVG-S320, PVG-S80, PVG-S85, VWV-BD07, VWV-BD14, VWV-BD21, VSB-0470;


    2. Replaces charger models: 
            Panasonic VSK0631
            Panasonic VSK0650
            Panasonic VSK0651, VSK0651B, DE-974GC
            Panasonic PV-DAC14D

        3. Charges batteries that fit these Panasonic camcorder models:
                  Panasonic NV-GS10, NV-GS17, NV-GS21, NV-GS22, NV-GS26 NV-GS27, NV-GS28, NV-GS30, NV-GS33, NV-GS35, NV-GS37, NV-GS38, NV-GS40, NV-GS44, NV-GS50, NV-GS55, NV-GS58, NV-GS60, NV-GS65, NV-GS70, NV-GS75, NV-GS78, NV-GS80, NV-GS85, NV-GS100, NV-GS120, NV-GS140, NV-GS150, NV-GS158, NV-GS180, NV-GS188, NV-GS200, NV-GS230, NV-GS250, NV-GS258, NV-GS280, NV-GS300, NV-GS308, NV-GS320, NV-GS328, NV-GS330, NV-GS400, NV-GS408, NV-GS500, NV-GS508, NV-MX500A; 
                  Panasonic PV-GS19, PV-GS29, PV-GS31, PV-GS33, PV-GS34, PV-GS35, PV-GS36, PV-GS39, PV-GS50, PV-GS55, PV-GS59, PV-GS65, PV-GS70, PV-GS75, PV-GS80, PV-GS83, PV-GS85, PV-GS120, PV-GS150, PV-GS180, PV-GS200, PV-GS250, PV-GS300, PV-GS320, PV-GS400, PV-GS500;
                  Panasonic SDR-H18, SDR-H20, SDR-H200, SDR-H250, SDR-H280, SDR-H288;
                Panasonic VDR-D100, VDR-D105, VDR-D150, VDR-D158, VDR-D160, VDR-D200, VDR-D210, VDR-D220, VDR-D230, VDR-D250, VDR-D258, VDR-D300, VDR-D308, VDR-D310, VDR-D400, VDR-M30, VDR-M50, VDR-M53, VDR-M55, VDR-M70, VDR-M75, VDR-M95.
          3. Charges batteries that fit these Hitachi camcorder models:
                  HITACHI DZ-GX20, DZ-GX20A, DZ-GX20E, DZ-GX25M, DZ-GX3100, DZ-GX3200, DZ-GX3300, DZ-GX5300, DZ-GX5000A, DZ-GX5020, DZ-HS300, DZ-HS300A, DZ-HS300E, DZ-HS301E, DZ-HS301SW, DZ-HS303, DZ-HS303A, DZ-HS303E, DZ-HS303SW, DZ-HS401, DZ-HS403, DZ-HS500A, DZ-HS500E, DZ-HS500SW, DZ-HS501, DZ-HS503, DZ-HS803, DZ-HS903, DZ-BD70, DZ-BD7H, DZ-BD9H, DZ-HD90, DZ-BD10H, DZ-BX35, DZ-BX35A, DZ-BX35E, DZ-BX37E, DZ-M5000V5, DZ-M7000V5, DZ-M8000V6,DZ3200A, DZ3300A, DZ380A, DZ550A, DZ730A, DZBD10HA, DZBX35A, DZGX3100A, DZGX5020, DZGX5080A, DZHS300A, DZHS500A, DZM580, DZM730, DZM780, DZMV350A, DZMV730A

            Additional cross reference info:

            Panasonic NVG-S50, NVG-S70, PV-150, PV-200, PV-250, PV2931, PV308, PV35, PV39, PV400, PV-500, PV508, PV-50S, PV59, PV70, PV-GS120, PV-GS150, PV-GS19, PV-GS200, PV-GS250, PV-GS29, PV-GS300, PV-GS308, PV-GS31, PV-GS33, PV-GS35, PV-GS39, PV-GS400, PV-GS500, PV-GS508,PV-GS50S, PV-GS59, PV-GS70, SDR-H20, SDR-H200, VDR-D100, VDR-D105,VDR-D200, VDR-D210, VDR-D230, VDR-D250, VDR-D300, VDR-M30, VDR-M50, VDR-M70.