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LTC-3PN-S2 Replacement Battery for E-Mon D-Mon Class 2000 Electric Submeter

$ 32.00
Energy+ Part:  LTC-3PN-S2
Brand:  Eagle Picher Keeper
Type:  Lithium
Voltage:  3.5
Capacity:  350 mAh
Color:  Yellow Silver Grey
Size:  0.65" x 0.60" x 0.27"
Contacts:  2 PC Pins
Warranty:  DOA


Electric Submeter Battery

This is a 1 cell lithium battery designed to work in E-Mon D-Mon Class 2000 KWH demand meter.

Low self discharge rate gives this cell a 10 year shelf life.

Stable voltage and broad temperature range (-40° to +95°C).

High energy, high reliability 3.5 volt power source is an excellent choice for memory backup applications.