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LR41 : (AG3) 1.5 volt Alkaline battery 2-Pack

$ 3.00
LR41 alkaline battery - 2 pcs. Specs: 1.5 volt.  Battery dimensions: 7.9mm diameter x 3.6mm thick. 
Cross reference part #s: SR41, G3, LR4192, LR736, A63, AG3, SR41SW, 325, 384, SR736, SB-A1/D1, 280-18, V384, D384, 247, GP192, GP384, S736E, SR736PW, SR736SW, TR41SW, SR41W, V392, Seiko SB-B1, Seiko SB-A1, Citizen 280-13, Citizen 280-18,  and Timex K.