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LGIP-531A : 3.7volt  950mAh rechargeable Li-ION battery for LG cellphones.  Fits the following models: LG 320G, LG 440G, LG 450, LG 460, LG A170, LG A180, LG AN160, LG B450, LG B460, LG ENVOY 3, LG ENVOY II, LG ENVOY III, LG Fluid, AN160, GB100, GB101, GB106, GB110, GB125, GM205, KF310, KU250, KG280, KV230, KV380, KX186, KX191, KX196, KX216, KX218, KX300, LG B450, LG B460, LG200, LG Revere 3, LG Saber, LG T500, LG TRUE, LG UN160, LG UN200, LG VN170, LG U250 etc