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L12M4 : 14.8v 2600mAh Li-ION battery for Lenovo laptops

$ 36.95

L12M4 : 14.8 volt 2600mAh rechargeable Li-ION battery for Lenovo laptop computers. Replaces L12L4A02, L12L4E01, L12M4A02, L12M4E01, L12S4A02, L12S4E01.
Fits Lenovo models G400s Series, G400s Touch Series, G405s Series, G405s Touch Series, G410s Series, G410s Touch Series, G500s Series, G500s Touch Series, G505s Series, G505s Touch Series, G510s Series, G510s Touch Series, S410p Series, S410p Touch Series, S510p Series, S510p Touch Series, Z710 Series, IdeaPad Z710 series, IdeaPad G400s Series, IdeaPad G400s Touch Series, IdeaPad G405s Series, IdeaPad G405s Touch Series, IdeaPad G410s Series, IdeaPad G410s Touch Series, IdeaPad G500s Series, IdeaPad G500s Touch Series, IdeaPad G505s Series, IdeaPad G505s Touch Series, IdeaPad G510s Series,
 IdeaPad G510s Touch Series, IdeaPad S410p Series, IdeaPad S410p Touch Series,
IdeaPad S510p Series, IdeaPad S510p Touch Series.

Battery type: Li-ion
Voltage: 14.8V (Compatible with 14.4V)
Capacity: 2600mAh
Cell: 4 Cells
Recharge cycles: approximately 500 
Operation time: Around 1.5-2.5 hours