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KSC-14 : Kenwood brand Desktop Dual-Pocket Rapid Charger

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$ 74.95

KSC-14 : Kenwood-brand dual-pocket Desktop Rapid-Smart charger for battery packs such as PB-6, PB-7, PB-8, PB-10, PB-32, PB-33, PB-34; PB-36, PB-37; KNB-11, KNB-12 etc. Charges 6v thru 12v batteries (NiCd & NiMH). Includes 2 adapter spacers, which fit in the charger cups, and enable charging of thinner batteries like PB-32, PB-33, and PB-34 series.  Has LED charge status indicators and auto shut-off. The internal PCB design of the charger is such that you can place 2 batteries in it, but only one battery gets charged at a time. When one battery is finished, the charger automatically switches to charge the second battery, if it is in the other pocket.
Limited quantity available. KENWOOD stopped making this model about 20 years ago. All available stock is refurbished, or gently / barely-used N.O.S.