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ICOM BP-280 : 7.2v 2400mAh battery for ICOM IC-A16, IC-T10, IC-F1000, IC-F2000, IC-V88

$ 69.95

ICOM BP-280: ICOM brand 7.2 volt 2400mAh rechargeable Li-ION battery for ICOM IC-A16, IC-A16S, IC-T10, IC-V10MR, IC-V88, IC-U88, IC-F1100D, IC-F2100D, IC-F1000D, IC-F2000D, IC-F1000, IC-F2000, etc. Replaces BP-279, BP-280, BP-279Li, BP-280Li etc. This is a high-capacity battery, and it provides high-watt operation as well. It can be re-charged with our BC-213 Desktop Rapid Charger, as well as original brand-name chargers (slow and quick types).
Battery comes packaged in the ICOM OEM box, with instruction sheet.

Recommended accessories:
BC-213 : Desktop Rapid Charger