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HRAULW : 2150mAh "4/5 A"-size rechargeable NiMH

Original price $ 35.00
Current price $ 32.95

HRAULW : 2150mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery packs for R/C hobby.  High-capacity, long-life, compact size! Made with HR-AUL 2150mAh "4/5A"-size cells (cells are 1.75" tall). Choose Voltage (4.8v or 6v), Shape, and Connector.
Dimensions of 4.8v flat pack: 1.75" tall, 2.5" across, 0.67" thick.*

4.8v can be made as Flat, Square, or Staggered Twin Stick (for nosecone).

6.0v can be made as Flat, Offset, or House profile.