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HNN9049h : long-life NiMH battery for Motorola P1225

$ 59.00

HNN9049h: 7.5 volt 2100mAh long-life rechargeable Ni-MH battery for Motorola Radius P1225, P1225 LS radios, etc. Replaces NTN9049A, NTN98049B etc. Battery can either be slow-charged or fast-charged in units designated for Ni-MH batteries. Includes Belt Clip.

Compatible with Moto. P1225, P1225LS radios.

Replaces battery models such as HNN9049, HNN9049A, HNN9049AR, HNN9049B, HNN9049H, HNN9050, HNN9050A, HNN9051, HNN9051A.