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HNN7395 : 7.5v Long Life NiMH battery for Motorola Visar, replaces NTN7394, NTN7395

Original price $ 59.00
Current price $ 49.95

HNN7395 : 7.5 volt 2100mAh long life rechargeable Ni-MH battery which fits Motorola VISAR radios, etc.
This battery can be re-charged in Motorola OEM Slow chargers, and OEM Rapid Chargers designed for Ni-MH. Also re-charges in approved aftermarket chargers for Visar. Replaces original NTN7394, NTN7395, NB7395 etc.

Fit Radio Model : Motorola

  • Visar

Part Number cross reference:


  • NTN7394
  • NTN7394A
  • NTN7394AR
  • NTN7394AS
  • NTN7394B
  • NTN7394BR
  • NTN7394C
  • NTN7394CR
  • NTN7395
  • NTN7395A
  • NTN7395AR
  • NTN7395B
  • NTN7395BR

    The name VISAR is registered to Motorola. They no longer make this type of battery; These are our aftermarket version, fit-tested and high-quality.