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HNN4595h: 7.5v 2700mAh battery for Motorola SABER radios. NTN4595

$ 54.00

The HNN4595h is a 7.5 volt 2700mAh ULTRA LONG LIFE NiMH battery for Motorola SABER radios.  Replaces MOTOROLA NTN4593, NTN4593DR,  NTN4594, NTN4595, NTN4595A, NTN4595B, NTN4595DR, NTN4595M, NTN8251AR.  Fits on Motorola radios such as: Astro Saber, MX1000, MX2000, MX3000, MX3010, Saber I, Saber I R,  Saber II, Saber II R, Saber III, Saber 1, Saber 2, Saber 3  Battery is approximately 4" tall. Can be slow-charged or fast-charged.  Recommended charger: NTN4734B, NTN4734B.