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HHR-P107 : 3.6v NiMH battery for Cordless phones

$ 12.95

HHR-P107: 3.6v 800mAh rechargeable Ni-MH Battery for Panasonic cordless phones. Replaces HHR-P107, HHR-P107A/1B, Type 35, etc. Pack size: 2" long x 1 1/4" across. Compatible with the following models: KX-TG3021S, KX-TG3024S, KX-TG3031S, KX-TG3032B, KX-TG3032PK, KX-TG3033PK, KX-TG3033S, KX-TG3034B, KX-TG3034PK, KX-TG3034S, KX-TG3511, KX-TG3521, KX-TG3531, KX-TG3532, KX-TG3533, KX-TG6021, KX-TG6021M, KX-TG6022, KX-TG6022B, KX-TG6023, KX-TG6023M, KX-TG6051, KX-TG6051M, KX-TG6052, KX-TG6052B, KX-TG6052PK, KX-TG6053, KX-TG6053PK, KX-TG6053S, KX-TG6054, KX-TG6054B, KX-TG6054B, KX-TG6054BP, KX-TG6054PK, KX-TG6071M, KX-TG6072B, KX-TG6072PK, KX-TG6073PK, KX-TG6073S, KX-TG6074B, KX-TG6074PK, KX-TGA300B, KX-TGA351, KX-TGA600, KX-TGA600B, KX-TGA600M, KX-TGA600S, KX-TGA601.