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BP-GPSCOM-190: 7.2 volt 1700mAh battery insert

$ 42.95

GPSCOM 190: 7.2 volt 1700mAh replacement rechargeable Insert for Garmin 190 battery.  This rechargeable Ni-Cd battery goes inside the GPSCOM 190 Battery Casing. Some Soldering is required. This insert will restore your existing battery to full capacity.

Other service: We can rebuild your Garmin GPSCOM 190 battery for you, if you prefer.  You can mail us the old battery, and we will rebuild it to full functioning condition.  Cost (parts & labor) is $ 72.95 per battery, plus $7.95 return shipping for USA addresses.
Note: These battery packs have delicate internal componentry, so upon receipt, we will assess the viability of the rebuild first.  If you inspect your battery, and see that it is very clean-looking, particularly around the metal contacts, then it likely Can be rebuilt.  If, however, you observe significant corrosion and /or deformation at any of the metal contacts, it means that the battery may have deteriorated to the point where it cannot be rebuilt.