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FNB-V104Li : 7.4v Li-ION battery for Vertex, also replaces FNB-V103Li, FNB-V131Li, FNB-V132Li

$ 49.95

 FNB-V104Li : 7.4 volt 2200mAh long life rechargeable battery for Vertex VX-230, VX-231 radios. This Li-ION battery re-charges in OEM Li-ION chargers, as well as our CD-34 Smart Li-ION desktop rapid charger.

This battery replaces the following OEM battery part number(s):

  • FNB-V103
  • FNB-V103LI
  • FNB-V103LIA
  • FNB-V104
  • FNB-V104LI
  • FNB-V104LIA
  • FNB-V131Li
  • FNB-V132Li

 This battery is compatible with the following model(s):

  • Vertex VX228
  • Vertex VX230
  • Vertex VX-230
  • Vertex VX-231
  • Vertex VX231L
  • Vertex VX-231L
  • Vertex VX234
  • Vertex VX-234

This battery re-charges with OEM (Vertex, Yaesu) desktop smart Li-ION chargers, and our CD-34 desktop rapid charger.