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FNB-41xs : 9.6v 1450mAh NiMH battery for Yaesu & Vertex radios

$ 52.95

FNB-41xs : 9.6 volt 1450mAh rechargeable LONG LIFE high-watt NiMH battery for Yaesu & Vertex radios.  Exclusive designed product.  Includes belt clip.  This is a high-grade replacement for FNB-41 and FNB-42.  EXCLUSIVE ITEM !  Fits FT-50, FT-50R, FT-40R, FT-10R; VXA-100, etc. Charges up thru the radio (if your radio has a plug jack on it) with a Wall Charger (NC-88B) or DC Charge Cable (E-DC-5B), OR in a desktop Smart Charger (such as the EMS-41-47).