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FNB-41 : 9.6 volt 700mAh standard Ni-Cd rechargeable battery pack for Yaesu FT-50R, FT-40R, FT-10R, Yaesu-Vertex VXA-100, Aviator Pilot, Aviator Pro radios etc (worldwide versions).  Includes Belt Clip. Battery can be recharged through the radio with a Wall Charger (NC-88B, NC-88BA, NC-72B, NC-72BA, NC-72C), through the radio with a DC Charger (E-DC-5BA), or in a Yaesu-brand Desktop drop-in Rapid charger, OR in other approved desktop chargers such as our EMS-41.  This Ni-Cd battery is ideal for the Yaesu-brand rapid chargers (which are designed primarily for NiCd batteries).