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FNB-27xs : 12v 1450mAh NiMH battery for Yaesu FT-530 FT-26 FT-76 FT-815 etc.

Original price $ 69.00
Current price $ 49.95

FNB-27xs : 12volt 1450mAh long-life high-watt rechargeable Ni-MH battery 
for Yaesu FT-530, FT-26, FT-76, FT-415, FT-416, FT-815, FT-815 etc (all worldwide versions).  Replaces original Yaesu FNB-27.  Same size as original FNB-27 (3.25"), but provides more than twice the operating time and full 5 watts on transmit !  Recharges with Desktop Rapid Charger (EMS-30Y, Yaesu NC-42) or with an overnight Plug-in Wall charger (our WC-12Y).  

If you plan on using a Wall Charger to re-charge this battery, we recommend the WC-12Y, because it has the necessary Amperage output for this battery.  The original Yaesu wall charger for 12v packs has a rated output of 60mA/hr, which is not adequate to charge a 1450mAh battery. 

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(3) WC-12Y: Wall charger (plugs into battery).
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(5) EMS-30Y : Desktop Rapid Charger
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9&) FNB-26xs : 7.2v 2500mAh extra long life battery (2.5W max Tx output)