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FNB-26xxe : 7.2v 2550mAh Eneloop Pro battery for Yaesu FT-530

$ 49.95

FNB-26xxe : 7.2 volt  2550mAh READY-TO-USE Ni-MH rechargeable battery for Yaesu radios.  UPGRADED CAPACITY - now made with eneloop pro NiMH cells.  Arrives to you PRE-CHARGED and READY TO USE ! Fits Yaesu radios such as FT-530, FT-26, FT-76, FT-415, FT-815, etc (worldwide versions).  Same height as the original FNB-26 (about 3.25" tall).  The FNB-26xxe retains its charge while in storage - up to 80% over 1 year !  It recharges in a desktop fast charger such as the EMS-30Y, and it also recharges via plug-in overnight wall charger, such as the WC-7Yh.  The FNB-26xxe is a replacement-upgrade for the original FNB-26, FNB-25, etc.  This battery is manufactured in the USA by BATTERIES AMERICA !