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FNB-26xe : 7.2v 2100mAh READY-TO-USE battery for Yaesu FT-530

$ 39.95

Available & made to order. Ships week of Nov 28.

FNB-26xe : 7.2 volt 2100mAh Ready-to-Use long-life NiMH battery, made with ENELOOP NiMH cells. Fits FT-530, FT-26, FT-76, etc. Replaces original batteries such as FNB-26, FNB-25.  This eneloop battery can retain its charge for over a year when not in use.  Arrives to you PRE-CHARGED and READY TO USE !  When necessary, battery can be re-charged with a plug-in overnight Wall Charger (WC-7Y, WC-7Yh, or with a Desktop Drop-in Rapid Charger EMS-30y, NC-42, NC-29).