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FNB-14 : 7.2v 1200mAh battery for Yaesu FT-411 FT-470 FT-23 FT-43 FT-73

$ 39.00

FNB-14 : 7.2 volt 1200mAh rechargeable Ni-Cd battery pack for YAESU FT-411, FT-470, FT-23R, FT-43R, FT-73R, etc. Size: 2.5" tall. Replaces original battery models such as FNB-10, FNB-14, FNB-17. Recharges with overnight wall charger (WC-7Y), or w/ EMS-30Y desktop charger (2 hrs), or with original YAESU NC-29 desktop charger (5 hours).

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